It has been a while since I wrote my blog... Once the Covid restrictions started to ease last summer, I suddenly started flying with not much notice. It had been a while (16 months) since I had last flown, so I had to really put all my time and effort into refreshing my learning. On top of this, since I had only recently transferred from a Boeing 747 to an Airbus 320 (two completely different aircraft), the training took longer.

My post-Covid training started with simulator sessions. For the non-aviators among us, a simulator is a device which re-creates the environment and flight characteristics of the particular type of aircraft that you fly (yes, there is a simulator for each type of aircraft). We use this to practice flying, non-normal and emergency procedures.

The training contained a few simulator sessions to practice our company procedures and aircraft handling. We then moved on to malfunctions of the systems.

Every time, I was paired up with a different colleague from a different base but because every company has their own set of standard operating procedures (SOP), it shouldn't matter who you fly with.

At the end of all the training, a check is completed where your performance is graded. It sounds more frightening than it actually is and many of us (including me) are always nervous about that check. However, this is something you build up to and the instructors are supportive to achieve the best results for their pilots.

Thank you to everyone who subscribed to my blog. My intention is to keep my members now regularly up-to-date and catch up on my adventures with more pictures and stories. Leave me some comments below if you had similar experiences going back to work after Covid.